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To disable MCE on a new ASUS motherboard you have to select Advanced settings in BIOS. Then you go to AI Tweaker and make sure "ASUS MultiCore Enhancement" is disabled and "CPU Core Ratio" is set to auto. And as I said in my update to my post, you need to update your bios to version 5430. Otherwise those settings are bugged and have no effect. Oct 30, 2018 · Jan 21, 2017. 314. 0. 4,780. 0. Oct 30, 2018. #1. Hey in my bios of the asus prome a320m-a in the ai tweaker i see in the digi+vrm something called VDDCR CPU power phase control it has 2 options one is optomized and the other is extreme so what is this what what should i choose by default it is set to optomized and i have a 1600x ryzen 5 cpu. 0.. "/>. ASUS MultiCore Enhancement [Auto] This item allows you to maximize the oveclocking performance optimized by ASUS core ratio settings. ... [ Auto ] [Enabled] [ Disabled ] Turbo Mode This item allows you to automatically set the CPU cores to run faster than the base operating frequency when it is below the operating power,.